Holy smokes, this is a treasure trove! I love the inclusion of full games and gaming materials in these magazines! And the artwork is great, but the typeface...could have used some work.

Harnworld is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, but seeing the first article on "Harn" really brings home what a long time that is!

I had no idea Warren Specter, creator of the video game Deus Ex, worked in the TTRPG industry. But there's his name, all over the magazines!

Bug-Eyed Monsters nearly sent me down a rabbit hole. Turns out it's a wargame with the most generic-looking map I've ever seen, totally disappointing given the pulpiness of the cover. But there's also a Japanese version? Wild.

Thanks for this great insight into gaming history! I might just have to spend some time pouring over these at some point.

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